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Workbay and Engage Learning

The Workbay platform is designed to assist the entire workforce eco-system explore careers, build skills and find jobs. However, our passion and real “public benefit” is to increase the opportunities available to low-income, low-skilled adults by making the education and skills necessary to attain productive jobs easily accessible. Workbay participates in national workforce and education initiatives focused on developing richer opportunities for adults in learning, skill development, credentialing, and career advancement.

Benefit Corporation

Workbay and Engage Learning is a Benefit Corporation

A benefit corporation is a new type of for-profit entity that gives businesses the choice of furthering a social cause in addition to making money.
B Corp’s are required to consider how their business decisions impact their public benefit purpose, in addition to shareholder return on investment.
Specifically the Engage Learning "public benefit" is helping unemployed job seekers, underemployed people and connecting youth as they begin and advance their careers utilizing our technology and comprehensive system for educational and economic value.